March 6, 2008

The other day I was thinking that there is no such thing as the life drive for Zizek or Lacan. I was looking though The Four Fundamental Concepts… today, though, and it seems as though in a sense there is. It’s not a life drive, per se, but a ‘too much life’ drive, as Zizek puts it at the end of the second chapter of Parallax. That is, the undead/immortal mythical organ the lamella is the libido/’one drive to rule them all’.

So, When Zizek writes “our ultimate choice is directly the one between the two death drives” at the end of Ticklish, that’s what he means – that one must choose (immortal) life.

And I guess that means that Odradek is the life drive…



2 Responses to “Lamella”

  1. The Thing said

    Is the lamella in parallax part of the distinction between two death drives, or is it just a description of the death drive as such?
    The two death drives are bad and worse:
    1) The indestructible superego injunction in which the Master tells you you are allowed to transgress all sorts of everyday moral rules as long as you obey him.
    2) Absolute freedom to transgress without the comforting guarantee provided by obeying a Master


  2. battleofthegiants said

    I think you’re right… #2 might line up with ‘too much life’, i.e. odradek/lamella/the immortal.

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