The Other Side…

March 29, 2008

I’ve started to read The Other Side… and it occurs to me that we’ve chopped it up rather arbitrarily. I think it’s best that we go by major division, rather than doing three sections at a time. That said, it still makes almost no sense to me.

To help remedy that, I have a suggestion. There are only 3 divisions, so if we do one a meeting we can take a week after each to read something else to help illuminate what we’ve just done and take no longer than we did for Parallax. To this end I would like to suggest 3 possible sources: 1) some papers from the Ecrits 2) Jacques Lacan and the Other Side of Psychoanalysis: Reflections on Seminar XVII  3) Evans recommends Lacanian Theory of Discourse: Subeject, Structure and Society. 

The First Section of The Other Side… is called “Axes of the Psychoanalytic Subversion”, which calls to mind “The subversion of the Subject and the Dialectic of Desire…” in Ecrits. A looked at the opening remarks to that paper, and he mentions the ‘fun seminar’ that he refers to in the first part of Other Side…; In addition, the first line of the paper is “A structure is constitutive of the praxis known as psychoanalysis”. While he’s probably just talking about the graph of desire, maybe it’s also a ‘foreshadowing’ of the discourse of the analyst? It’s only about 30 pages long… so maybe reading that and “Kant avec Sade” would be plausible for week 2 (He also dedicates several pages to De Sade and truth in Seminar XVII)? To be honest, I’ve never read either of those papers before…

Does that work for the peeps?

I still havn’t sent the call out over the SPT listserve….I’ll have to do that soon. Maybe after we get a ‘ruling’ on what I’ve just suggested.



One Response to “The Other Side…”

  1. dystopier said

    I agree. I think that we should take up each section in its entirety. I’d also like to work through “Kant avec Sade” and “The subversion of the subject and the dialectic of desire…”
    I’m not sure if I want to read through the secondary sources yet.
    At some point, I’d also like to go through the Rome discourse as well.
    I suggest that we go through Seminar XVII, then the sections from Ecrits, and then the secondary sources.
    Reading Seminar XVII is actually giving me some new insights into Parallax.

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