Where does Lacan talk about disavowal?

March 29, 2008

The heading speaks for itself.

– D


4 Responses to “Where does Lacan talk about disavowal?”

  1. battleofthegiants said

    He gives the german term there. In the back of Ecrits there is an index of the german terms – so you can track it that way.

  2. dystopier said

    Thanks… that helps… but I was actually looking for a reference for a paper I’m writing. I think I’m okay with the concept of disavowal.
    I’m just curious as to where it first comes up in Lacan as “Je sais bien, mais quand meme.”

  3. dystopier said

    See Octave Mannoni. 1969. Clefs pour l’imaginaire ou l’Autre Scene. Paris: du seuil.

    The title of the first chapter is the origin of “Je sais bien, mais quand meme…”

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