Mother of all…

April 13, 2008

Yes, there’s a torrent. Lol. I’m glad I’m not alone.

If y’all haven’t figured out this torrent thing yet (I only just did a few weeks ago), I’m happy to burn these to disks



2 Responses to “Mother of all…”

  1. dystopier said

    I changed this to an external link.
    – D

  2. battleofthegiants said

    I feel like it’s all to much. When does one just draw the line and say “fuck – there’s only so much I can take in. ‘I prefer not to’ read/listen to every single thing ever produced by X, Y or Z.”

    One of my profs was talking about how much reading you need to do to grasp things, and he made a comment along the lines of ‘you should read three books and watch 2 movies a day!’ It was given as something of a joke, but we all know what they say about jokes…. It’s an obscene demand: Read!

    It’s one thing if it’s a labour of love. It’s another to feel pressure to take it all in…

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