Alethosphere/Mass Media

April 24, 2008

Just as a quick note, here’s a quote from The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis that relates to Lacan’s discussion of the “alethoshpere” on page 161 of The Other Side…:

Perhaps the features that appear in our time so strikingly in the form of what are more or less correctly called the mass media, perhaps out very relation to the science that ever increasingly invades our field, perhaps all this is illuminated by the reference to those two objects, whose place I have indicated for you in a fundamental tetrad – namely, the voice – partly planeterized, even stratosphereized, by our machinery – and the gaze, whose ever-encroaching character is no less suggestive, for, by so many spectacles, so many phantasies, it is not so much our vision that is solicited, as our gaze that is aroused (Lacan, 1998, 274).


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