April 24, 2008

This word has been all over The Other Side…, and it’s driving me nuts. It also something that Zizek uses – not only in the bug quote, but also in The Sublime Object…:

…at the level of substance the appearance is simply deceiving, it offers us a false image of the Essence; whereas at the level of the subject the appearance deceives precisely by pretending to deceive – by feigning that there is something to be concealed (SOI, 196).

It seems clear to me that what he’s talking about here is ‘the parallax view’. If that passage doesn’t convince you, check out pages 227-8. It’s also directly tied to Hegel’s notion of reflection, which I wrote a little about earlier.

What I’m suggesting is that when Lacan says ‘level’, perhaps he’s talking about the same thing. The only thing that, at this stage, makes me think that perhaps this is misguided is that in The Other Side… he says that the objet a is “at the level of what is designated by the bar”(157). I thought the a was the gap between the two ‘levels’ of the parallax, but perhaps I’m wrong on that…


2 Responses to ““Level””

  1. sonnyburnett said

    I read the ‘bar’ as a logical operator (of metaphor), where objet a ‘positivizes’ that operation.

    The minimal gap is the subject. But whenever you endeavor to conceive of it, it always already has been positivized.

    And what exactly has been positivized here? Your very endeavor to conceive of it.

  2. battleofthegiants said

    Word! That makes sense.

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