Psychosis or Schizophrenia

May 1, 2008

When, in ‘Postmodernism, or the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism’, Fredric Jameson says that schizophrenia for Lacan is a ‘breakdown in the signifying chain’, is he confusing this with psychosis? I was just re-reading some of Hegemony and Socialist Strategy and in the part where Laclau and Mouffe discuss ‘nodal points’ (the Lacanian points-de-caption), they say that ‘a discourse incapable of generating any fixity of meaning is the discourse of the psychotic’ (HSS: 112). This seems more accurate to me.

Has anyone read Seminar III: The Psychoses?


9 Responses to “Psychosis or Schizophrenia”

  1. battleofthegiants said

    As far as I know, psychosis and schizophrenia are pretty close together. I don’t know if Lacan makes a distinction between the two, but the DSM-IV describes them as being pretty much the same…

  2. sonnyburnett said

    Your latter point seems right to me, no button-ties are made w/ the psychotic, from what I learned from reading Bruce Fink’s two main texts.

    Haven’t read Sem III. Nor I & II. I have shelves full of books I’d like to get to, actually.

    For the reading group, what’s to be our next major text? My vote is always for a Zizek or a Lacan work. There are very few that I’ve made a serious study of, or have recently read, so I’m open to most anything.

  3. battleofthegiants said

    I was thinking maybe Mathew Sharpe’s book “A little piece of the Real”. Unlike most commentary on Zizek that I see, which seems to be stupidly closed to trying to figure out what Zizek is saying, Sharpe takes up Zizek in Depth and offers critiques that require thought.

    I’d be down to read _For the know not what they do_, or _The Ethics of Psychoanalysis_.

    I havn’t heard anything about his yet, but Shannon Bell told me that she was going to give my name to a lady who wanted to start a Zizek reading group… so we might consider joining them for a while, or maybe having two things going at once…

    In further news, I think we have 2 new people coming to next Friday’s meeting…

  4. dystopier said

    I’d be up for either For They Know Not… or Ethics of Psychoanalysis. Although, Matthew Sharpe’s book looks good too (and I’d like to do more secondary source reading at some point).

    Thanks for the notes on psychoses/schizophrenia. Certainly helps!

  5. dystopier said

    BTW… I used the ‘e’ spelling of ‘psychoses’ because that’s how it’s written on the title of seminar III.

  6. battleofthegiants said

    The ‘e’, i’m pretty sure, is because it’s plural, whereas ‘i’ would be a single episode thereof…

  7. dystopier said

    yeah… I realized that a few minutes after I made that idiotic post… my bad!

  8. sonnyburnett said

    “For they know not” I’ve worked thru extensively already & Ethics (Sem VII) I read about a year ago. You’ve hit two I’d rather not do. I can sit those out while y’all meet about them.

    Secondary sources sound great too. Exactly preferable in many respects than reading (later)Lacan directly.

    Can I suggest we each bring a ‘wish list’ of sorts next week, or the following week? We can cross-reference lists & start with those that make everone’s list (or the majority) & then later fight over what to read.

  9. battleofthegiants said

    Sounds good to me!

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