Jerimiah Wright part III

May 2, 2008

This clip is much better than the others I posted – they didn’t say much. In this one, Rev. Wright refuses to let the talking head talk!

Strange format for this show – it almost looks like a Roper and Ebert schtick, with the addition of a good cop/bad cop routine…

He beings up liberation theology a couple of times. In an entry on wikipedia it is described as having originally been developed in South America with a strong Marxist bend. The entry ends with a discussion of an attempt to give it new life… this time minus the Marxism.

So, I wonder if Rev JayDub embraces the Marxism or not…

I remember that at the end of Mike Davis’ “Planet of Slums” (which Z references in Parallax…) he mentions that there are a lot of pentecostal churches taking up political roles in Favelas and the like. Here’s a link to some articles in the Cristian Science Monitor that describe a little more about it… The first article makes it sound like it has taken capitalism rather than Marxism as its ‘materialist’ ground…



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