In Defence of Lost Causes

May 7, 2008

I saw a copy of Zizek’s new book in the bookstore yesterday. It looks like another big one! He goes beyond his usual (although not in all of his books) six chapters. His Essay on Heidegger that was published in IJZS makes up one of the last chapters (I’m not sure if this is exactly the same)… perhaps we have something to read together in the fall?


One Response to “In Defence of Lost Causes”

  1. battleofthegiants said

    I havn’t read much of this, because I find Eagleton’s book reviews on the vapid side (his review of _Parallax_ told me little more than nothing, and was irritatingly ‘playfull), but here’s his review of _Lost Causes_:

    I suppose there’s a reason that it’s in the entertainment section of this publication…

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