Movie Time

May 19, 2008

Seriously, I always thought this globe represented the objet a: You eat the fruit of knowledge and slip away from your mission, you enter into fantasy-romance land, the impossible hour hits, and then you destroy your fantasy to fall into a black nothingness… Yes?




6 Responses to “Movie Time”

  1. sonnyburnett said

    I’d say yes. She bites into this apple, this immediate objet a that ‘expands’ to envelope her into the globe that forms the frame of a new reality, she’s initially disoriented at the masquerade ball (as we are when sometimes waking from a nap), she has no initial place, the others ignore her, but then she finds phallic Bowie & thus her identity, finds a place in this new reality, she’s part of it all for awhile but then she begins to sense she’s the center of it all & attracts the other guests’ gazes, begins to feel anxiety, perhaps she’s the cause of this all, perhaps the truth is that that apple, this form are the same somehow, she’s chosen all this from an empty, voided ‘black nothingness’ as you call it & that’s where she ends up.

    Seems to me she’s a bit braver in confronting this black nothingness than our crusader Michael Moore.

    I really did not like that Bowling for Columbine film.

  2. battleofthegiants said

    That’s quite a free association… how do those two meet?

  3. sonnyburnett said

    ‘those two’ ? the 2 films? the apple/globe?

  4. battleofthegiants said

    No, I meant Michael Moore… I didn’t see your post when I wrote that.

    Word, by the way. Fuck Michael Moore.

    I havn’t seen Sicko. Any comments on that one?

  5. battleofthegiants said

    And I think it’s a pear….

  6. sonnyburnett said

    I’ve only seen that one Moore film and 9/11.

    Pear? I just assumed it was an apple. I have a thing for apples.

    The Never Ending Story is a film of the same type. Very VERY Lacanian. The big scary evil thing that threatens to eat up their fantasy world is actually even called ‘The Nothingness!’

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