Okay, apologies for not keeping up, but I just hit a road bump that shook me enough that I have to share it immediately:

“The Analyst’s discourse stands for the emergence of revolutionary-emancipatory subjectivity that resolves the split into university and hysteria: in it, the revolutionary agent (a) addresses the subject from the position of knowledge which occupies the place of truth (that is, which intervenes at the ‘symptomal torsion’ of the subject’s constellation), and the goal is to isolate, get rid of, the Master-Signifier which structured the subject’s (ideologico-political) unconscious.” (Parallax 298)

This strikes me as quite different form the goal of producing new master signifiers, no?  Less like getting the bondsman to produce enjoyment, more like stealing his enjoyment away from him.  Analyst as the one who steals away your subjective consistency, rather than helping you find it.


Lacan Jokes

June 1, 2008

A Friend Sent these to me… I thought they were hilarious! My friends and family did not… Enjoy!


Who’s there?


Lacan who?

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