Next Reading

October 21, 2008

I don’t mind doing ‘Kant Avec Sade’ once we finish FTKNWTD…  it will be a nice little break from Zizek.  However, I would prefer to do Tarrying With the Negative before we do Ethics of Psychoanalysis.  What do you guys think?

And after Ethics, perhaps then we should do Ticklish.


One Response to “Next Reading”

  1. sonnyburnett said

    I’m up for doing Kant w/ Sade next. It’s only 25 pages, right? One week. (Anything with Kant has my vote. And Sade is one of my favorite singers from the 80’s. Good combination).

    Then Tarrying w/the Negative is good.

    Ethics I’ve read. But I’ll tag along for the ride if that’s what everyone wants to do.

    I’m very innarrested in Ticklish.

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