TPS Intro to Lacan course

November 29, 2008

Looks like it’s Seminar V: Formations of the Unconscious this time around.

I’ve attended the last 3 times & generally think they are worth it. I have my complaints, but you get out of it what you put into it, as I was saying before.

Come to think of it, Zizek has a couple of examples in Tarrying regarding the student/classroom relation and one in our current chapter (p. 142).


4 Responses to “TPS Intro to Lacan course”

  1. veiledphallus said

    Thanks for this, almost forgot to check.
    Is Seminar V one of Lacan’s untranslated works?
    I can’t seem to find it online.
    If you guys are interested in going, I’d love to attend as well.

  2. sonnyburnett said

    I was there when they covered ‘Anxiety’ – Seminar X and that isn’t ‘officially’ translated, though Doron (one of the presenters) emailed everyone a translated copy from some website he is a part of. I suspect he’ll do the same this time around. Once I register, I’ll email him for a copy.

  3. veiledphallus said

    Don’t ask but I’m more of a book person.
    Nevertheless, I will still consider registering.

  4. sonnyburnett said

    I actually never read the Anxiety seminar since I dislike reading screened text & printing it out would have been too costly.

    BTW, unofficial translations exist for all the Seminars.

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