Next Meeting

January 6, 2009

when are we meeting next?


14 Responses to “Next Meeting”

  1. The Universal Singular said

    I’d like to start Monday, January 19th, 11am-1pm. But if you guys want to start a week earlier, that’s fine with me.

  2. sonnyburnett said

    We’ve been discussing this on email, where you been? US, the Thing & I have agreed to Mondays, 11am to 1pm, starting January 19th.

    The ball is in your & Veiled Phallus’ court. You guys in?

  3. battleofthegiants said

    Sounds good.

    (You bastards – you originally said we’d meet on this Wednesday and I’ve been busting my hump to get the reading done.)

    We should meet sooner to talk about the conference.


  4. veiledphallus said

    Once winter semester starts, I’ll have a conflict with the Monday time. I can do it for the time being though. I’ve been busy with PhD applications so I haven’t touched ‘Ethics’.

  5. The Universal Singular said

    I’m not gonna do the conference. Quite frankly, I don’t think I have anything to contribute.

    Starting the week of January 19th I’m good for any and every time… so I’ll follow suit with whatever is decided.

    • sonnyburnett said

      The conference – I suppose if only Greg & I are innarrested, it’s a no go? Two people does not make a panel I suppose.

      Ok, then. See you all 11am January 19th.

      (I haven’t been reading Ethics either. I read it couple years ago. Lacan’s actual semiars/ecrits I don’t really think is all that conducive to discussion. I’m looking for secondary commentary – anyone have any ideas?)

  6. battleofthegiants said

    2 people might make a panel… I dunno. Maybe I’ll forward the call over SPT and see if anyone else wants to join…


    • sonnyburnett said

      Only problem is, they would be unlikely to take our Z angle, which is the organizing signifer that would make our panel unified. Isn’t the deadline tomorrow?

  7. battleofthegiants said

    We could still use the Z angle – we ain’t the only ones!

    And the Deadline is the 23rd. So maybe we should do some back and forth via e-mail (or we could meet) to talk about what we want to do; i.e. what would we include in our panel statement.

    • sonnyburnett said

      Thing, US, VP bailing took the steam outta me. I think I’ll pass as well. I’m actually also getting busy w/ some (non-academic) stuff lately & it’s been a real struggle to find time/effort for a sustained study of anything.

  8. battleofthegiants said

    Pfft. There is no little other. Self-authorize yourself some time.

    We’ll take on the one-9. (Though, I may not be around. Likely the Forced Rat will some that day…)


    • sonnyburnett said

      I make little to no sense of your last few sentences. What is a ‘one-9’? What does the parenthetical content mean? A ‘Forced Rat?’…

  9. The Universal Singular said

    one-9 = 19, because we are meeting on January 19th;
    forced rat. is ‘forced ratification’, to do with the strike…

    what do I win for interpreting that??

    I’m still confused by the first part… who are you referring to?

    • sonnyburnett said

      Just found my BattleoftheGiants to English dictionary & I can return the favor: the first part is in reference to my own bailing out of the conference (which I was careful – the obsessive neurotic I am – not to have made an explicit committment to in order to keep that future horizon ever so open), but I do take issue with there not being a little other. There certainly is! And further more, he exists!

      There even is such a thing as a big Other (though it doesn’t exist).

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