Marxism and Psychoanalysis Session at This Year’s Congress

January 15, 2009

My session proposal for the Society for Socialist Studies on Marxism and Psychoanalysis has been accepted.

Here is the session description (very basic):

According to Slavoj Zizek, Marxism and psychoanalysis are the only two theories, today, which imply and practice an ‘engaged notion of truth’.  This session seeks papers that engage the relationship between Marxism and Psychoanalysis in contemporary critiques of ideology.  Particular focus will be placed upon Lacanian readings and interpretations of Marxism, or critical Marxian perspectives on Psychoanalysis.  Critical analysis of Freudo-Marxism and Althusserian Marxism are also welcome.

If any of you are interested in submitting an abstract, email me by January 31st.


4 Responses to “Marxism and Psychoanalysis Session at This Year’s Congress”

  1. veiledphallus said


    I will definitely give it a shot… Maybe I can present on my Reich paper. Here is an abstract:

    Symbolic paralysis: Revisiting Reich’s Theory of the Orgone

    Abstract: In this article, Wilhelm Reich’s theory of the orgone (abstract cosmic energy) is revisited for the purpose of proposing the importance of its very untenability. Although Reich’s pre-orgonomic findings have been used to supplement critical theory, it is argued here that the theory of the orgone was not a result of a dialectical appropriation of psychoanalysis and Marxism, but a reflection of proletarian (im)possibility. In this way, orgonomy can be said to be of more import than Reich’s pre-orgonomic findings. Through several Lacanian (through Žižekian optics) thought experiments, an attempt is made to extricate Reich from his Symbolic paralysis; his experience of being undead.

  2. The Universal Singular said

    Could you send me your abstract by email.

  3. sonnyburnett said

    I thought any work submitted had to be connected to Canada, somehow. This was the general sentence on their website about the sessions that made me snicker:

    “The Society for Socialist Studies invites proposals that consider how being in Canada has influenced analyses from the left.”

    …as if Canada somehow enjoys a priveleged position in this respect.

    VP, that sounds like an interesting paper. I had a Beat phase of sorts years ago & recall reading how William S. Burroughs would sit in tinfoil-lined boxes for hours a day. He even got Kerouac himself to do the same. What a hilarious image.

  4. The Universal Singular said

    There’s also a place (in small print) where they say any topics are also welcome!

    Send abstracts by email as attachments.

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