A Zizekian Anomoly

January 21, 2009

I was just making some notes from For They Know Not What They Do… and noticed that at the top of the page on page 33, where it’s supposed to say the name of the chapter, rather than using the proper name of the first chapter, “On the One”, here it says “Destiny of a Joke”, which is the title of the introduction.

Is it the same for your copies of this book?  For me this was certainly an element that ‘stuck out’.  It’s interesting that the phrase that ‘sticks out’ is “Destiny of a Joke”.

Got any interesting interpretations of this?

How about this?:  If the element that sticks out is the objet petit a, and if the objet a is the ‘sublime object’, then maybe the destiny of this joke is that Zizek was really pissed with his work in The Sublime Object of Ideology?

Anyone else find any interesting anomolies?


2 Responses to “A Zizekian Anomoly”

  1. sonnyburnett said

    I have noticed that before, never thought to interpret it.

    Ok, I’ll give it a shot, or at least provide the logical outline of one:

    – if an Introduction is meant to give form to a text (ie, provide it a ‘context’), especially one that is written some years after that text – according to Z’s topography – one should find that very form embodied again in the text itself as a signifier/object metonymical couple. Thus, we come across on page 33 the signifier ‘Destiny of a Joke’, of which you have already provided a possible reading of the object that goes along with it (ie., Z being “really pissed with his work in SOI“).

    Zizek reads (obviously purely contingent) stuff like this into his analysis of texts all the time. Usually starting off with something like “Most overlook X as being strictly a slip of sorts, an random accident that holds no value for the interpreter of the (story, film, opera etc…) On the contrary, we must endeavor to read this so-called ‘accident’ as a structural necessity…”

  2. mukyo said

    How about, “Laughing is more enjoyable with another to do it with.”

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