Judgement of Existence

January 23, 2009

I have a question about Hegel (or Hegel as he is taken up by Zizek):  are ‘infinite judgement’, ‘negative judgement’ and ‘determinate negation’ all elements within the Judgement of Existence?

The four ‘Judgement’s that Zizek refers to in FTKNWTD are:  ‘Judgement of Existence’, ‘Judgement of Reflection’, Judgement of Necessity’, and ‘Judgement of the Notion’.  However, in FTKNWTD and in Tarrying with the Negative, Zizek also refers to ‘infinite judgement’, ‘negative judgement’ and ‘determinate negation’.  There’s also the first, ‘positive judgement’ in the Judgement of Existence.

Also, midway through TN, Zizek refers to ‘indefinite judgement’ (p. 108); is this the same as ‘infinite judgement’?

It continues…  he also refers to ‘oppositional determination’ later in TN (p. 132).

Maybe we should add a page to the blog for discusses these elements of German Idealism!


4 Responses to “Judgement of Existence”

  1. mukyo said

    As an answer to the question: I think the interpretation would be of the three: “What there is no saying”, “What I can not say”, and “What I can say” since existence has to do with speaking.

  2. sonnyburnett said

    US, where were you in the first half of 2007 when I was busting my hump trying to work thru all this? I have a million similar questions.

    I’m in for adding a serious (German Idealism) pilosophy page. This would benefit everyone, I think.

    Didn’t you, B, try maintaining a ‘definitions’ page or something at one time? I guess these things fall away since our interests usually don’t collide together (at least for very long, at any rate). But we could try it out. My general aim is always to develop a good solid philosophical foundation with Zizek.

    BTW, anyone know how we can pull ‘the Thing’ back into our discussions? Anyone know what the topics are that would entice him to respond? – I have a feeling he ‘lurks’ these pages… I think he’d be able to help out with these philosophical questions we all have. Especially with the French philosophy.

  3. battleofthegiants said

    I had tried to start an ‘examples’ page, but didn’t get very far with it.

    Matt started to add definitions to it, and I suggested he start a separate page. I think he did…but I’m not sure what happened to it.

    I think the Think is in the Midst of a “creative disengagement” – i.e. busy trying to write his Dis. I Don’t think he follows what happens here.


    • sonnyburnett said

      The ‘Think’, eh? I kinda get that impression as well – he’s deep into a stream of thought regarding his Dis.

      Though I still think he lurks around here once in awhile. Why not? At any rate, he occasionally forms part of my Other audience when I write, though it’s mostly B, VP & US that comprise for me ‘the subject supposed to enjoy’ whatever it is I write about here.

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