Who messed up the formatting?

February 4, 2009

Anyone have any idea why our posts on the Home page, after a certain point, are all italicized? It basically screws up the entire formating we had when we orignally wrote them. Who’s the culprit? Confess!!!


6 Responses to “Who messed up the formatting?”

  1. battleofthegiants said

    I’m using an old version of Firefox; it was me and I couldn’t fix it…

    I was cutting down some of VPs posts with the “read the rest of this entry” divider to make it easier to find stuff, and then certain entries went italics – even one’s I didn’t touch. It may just be a glitch with the host site.

  2. It’s a WordPress glitch. Encountered the same problem once. I think the one of the more tags was italicized. Removing the italics on that more tag should fix the formatting in the rest of the home page.

    –An occasional reader

  3. battleofthegiants said


  4. sonnyburnett said

    Hey, how do you splice up a long entry with a “Read the rest of this entry” action?

    I looked for awhile when I posted my last long one & couldn’t figure it out. I’d rather do this myself, as my formatting is messed, no spaces bet paragraphs…. my baby has been defiled!

    B has his ‘thing’ about stats integrity
    US has his ‘thing’ about filing in categories
    I have my ‘thing’ about never editing a commrades posts! (From my early software testing days, no doubt, but also put it up to my own obsessive neurosis & absolute need for control. You know, in the Quality Assurance world, you’d be strung up by your thumbs for messing with another’s baby!)

  5. battleofthegiants said

    There’s a little button on the top right that has two boxes split horizontally by a dotted line. That’s the “read the rest” button.

  6. sonnyburnett said

    Gotcha. Thanks man.

    FYI Paupers is open on Family Day.

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