Eric Santner talk at U of T: March 13th, 2:30 “The People’s Two Bodies: reflections on the Somatic Sublime”

March 3, 2009

Literary Studies Speaker Series

The People’s Two Bodies: Reflections on the Somatic Sublime

Eric Santner
University of Chicago

Friday, Mar 13, 2009, 2:30-4:30 pm
Northrop Frye Hall, Rm. 113

Eric L. Santner is the Philip and Ida Romberg Professor in Modern
Germanic Studies at the University of Chicago. His books include
Friedrich Hölderlin. Narrative Vigilance and the Poetic Imagination;
Stranded Objects. Mourning, Memory, and Film in Postwar Germany; My Own
Private Germany. Daniel Paul Schreber's Secret History of Modernity; On
the Psychotheology of Everyday Life: Reflections on Freud and
Rosenzweig; Catastrophe and Meaning: The Holocaust and the Twentieth
Century ( co-edited with Moishe Postone), The Neighbor: Three Inquiries
in Political Theology , written with Slavoj Zizek and Kenneth Reinhard);
and On Creaturely Life: Rilke, Benjamin, Sebald (University of Chicago
Press). Santner’s work engages the intersection of literature,
philosophy, psychoanalysis, social theory, and religious thought.

Santner’s talk will address the biopolitical transformation of the idea
of sovereignty in the modern world – the libidinal construction of a
body politic through a “materialist sublime.”

For further information contact Rebecca Comay at


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