Meeting Days/Times

March 5, 2009

Okay…  Lets all start with the days/times when we are not available.  Generally, my calendar is open, apart from specific meetings and appointments.  So I’m good with whatever day/time is decided and my absence will only be sporadic.


7 Responses to “Meeting Days/Times”

  1. The Universal Singular said

    So I’m assuming that Monday at 11am is still good for everyone!

  2. battleofthegiants said

    Monday no good.
    Tuesday 11-1 good.
    Rest of week good.

  3. beyondthephallus said

    Tuesday 11-1 is usually good for me too, though this week I have to get to York by 1:15 so I’ll have to leave early.
    Wednesday never works for me, I have class from 11:30-2:30.
    Thursday or Friday do work.

  4. veiledphallus said

    I’m trying to get into Vernon’s class, BTP!

    I’m drowning in course work right now so I might not be able to attend our weekly sessions for about a month. I am sure that my petty contributions can be compensated by someone else.

    I will update everyone with when I’d be able to resume attendance.

  5. The Universal Singular said

    so can we say Tuesday, 11am-1pm?

  6. battleofthegiants said

    Looks like it… hate to say it, but… put it in an email so everyone knows (Make sure you include the new members.)


  7. The Thing said

    Ah. Here it is.
    I can’t do Tuesday at 11.
    Thursdays I can do before 3:15 or after 4:15.
    Fridays anytime.


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