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April 8, 2009

In the last Issue of Upping the Ante there was a review of Defense of Lost Causes that I pointed out to a few of you. For the next issue I was asked by one of the editors to write a response to the review in the form of a letter. In an attempt to avoid a ‘battle of the egos’ I wrote something more-or-less unrelated to the review… and was told to rewrite it. What I ended up with was something that I think has a few good points in it, but nonetheless serves as an intellectual battle cry (though a weak one).

This is exacerbated by the edited version of the letter that is to be published later this month (or early the next). Below is the full version of my letter, as well as the author’s response to that response. The letters are posted here that the dialogue might continue. (The author will soon be added as an admin to the blog.)

As letters, they have the interesting strangeness of being directed to a non-person, the journal as such. I’d like to continue in that vein. Like the speaker of the house in the Canadian Parliament, “dear UtA” can act as the “symbolic medium” by which we discuss, without having to attack each other at the level of the ego… (“Mr Speaker, my worthy opponent…”)

[On second thought, ‘the speaker’ probably stands as the ego-ideal through which to attack another ego…]

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A discussion to celebrate the unity of the Louis Riel Bolivarian Circle and Hands Off Venezuela With a guest delegation from Société Bolivarienne du Québec/HOV Montreal (SBQ/HOV, www.sbqc.org)

Saturday 18th April 1pm – 3pm

Thomas Lounge Oakham House, Ryerson University 63 Gould Street

US-style capitalism is undergoing its biggest crisis since the Great Depression while revolutionary movements in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and other Latin American countries are discussing socialist alternatives.

While millions lose their jobs in Western nations and bankers are given billion dollar bailouts, workers in the South are occupying factories and saving their jobs through nationalization and socialization.

Following the example of SBQ/HOV, the Bolivarian Circle Louis Riel and Hands Off Venezuela have decided to merge their forces. The spirit of Bolivarianism is the unity of the peoples of the Americas and by this fusion we hope to spread this message.

Speakers: · Maria Paez Victor (CB Louis Riel/HOV) · Ricardo Astudillo (SBQ/HOV) · Alex Grant (CB Louis Riel/HOV) Plus greetings from Mirna Quero de Pena, Venezuelan Consul

General Info: canada@handsoffvenezuela.org

With the kind support of the Ryerson Social Work Student Union

Next Readings

April 3, 2009

Thoughts on what to read next?

Zizek options mentioned at our last meeting were:

Interrogating the Real

The Universal Exception

Metastases of Enjoyment

The Indivisible Remainder

I’d also be interested in reading Lacan’s Seminar III:  The Psychoses

But I’d also be happy to do some Freud.

I’m probably going to be MIA for the last couple of weeks of April, so feel free to make a decision without me.