Next Readings

April 3, 2009

Thoughts on what to read next?

Zizek options mentioned at our last meeting were:

Interrogating the Real

The Universal Exception

Metastases of Enjoyment

The Indivisible Remainder

I’d also be interested in reading Lacan’s Seminar III:  The Psychoses

But I’d also be happy to do some Freud.

I’m probably going to be MIA for the last couple of weeks of April, so feel free to make a decision without me.


6 Responses to “Next Readings”

  1. battleofthegiants said

    VPhallus has suggested reading Freud’s take on the Shreber case and then doing Lacan’s Seminar on the Psychosis. That sounds good to me, and probably to SB as well…

  2. sonnyburnett said

    Sounds great to me!

    I’m only 1/3 into the psychoses seminar & I’m regretting not first reading Freud’s take on it (as well as Schreber’s own text).

    So sounds like we have 4 potential yeses (VP, US, BG & moi) for

    Freud on Shreber (about 100 pages?)
    Seminar III (350)

    should keep us busy for a couple months at least. Everyone else on board with this?

  3. The Universal Singular said

    fine with me. but I won’t be at the April 16th meeting… gotta fight a parking ticket!

    I haven’t looked at Schreber yet… how does it divide up?

    Could we possibly skip a week and just discuss the whole thing at one meeting?

  4. veiledphallus said


  5. battleofthegiants said

    Like most Freud, this shit reads pretty fast. I suggest one week on Shreber, and then worry about how to break up lacan.


    • sonnyburnett said

      I agree. Right after we finish up Ticklish, the following week we should take care of the entire ‘Freud on Schreber’. Basically because as far as I can tell, Lacan’s Sem III hinges more on Lacan’s own reading of Schreber’s direct account. He doesn’t say all that much about Freud’s take on it, so if we want to do Freud, spending one session on it is plenty.

      That said, Schreber is what we should be reading to prepare for Lacan’s sem III, since he actually reads huge passages of it to his class & discusses it in detail, though it’s long (350 pages?) & I don’t think we’d want to spend time discussing it formally. I’m gonna get a copy & read it on my own sometime.

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