Parker Vs. Zizek

May 27, 2009

This is an article by Ian Parker that starts off by accusing Zizek of being a ‘commissar’ for monitoring and controlling dissident behaviour for the Communists before the succession of Slovenia from Yugoslavia.

Zizek’s response to this accusation is on the IJZS website.


8 Responses to “Parker Vs. Zizek”

  1. The Universal Singular said

    I can’t get the first link to work, so just click on the one above.

  2. battleofthegiants said

    I haven’t read the Parker piece yet, but the ‘true story’ looks like a joke – I mean that literally. It’s written like a joke. Maybe it’s just bad writting on the part of Parker. Even the “this is a true story” line makes it sound like a joke. Who starts a true story with “this is a true story”?

  3. battleofthegiants said

    By ‘bad writing’ I mean that he doesn’t clarify that it’s a joke. For some reason the version I downloaded is a word Doc that has edits in it… it must not yet be a finished piece.

  4. The Universal Singular said

    I was wondering about that too… but it says its from 2004, the same time that Parker’s book of interviews with Zizek came out. I don’t think Parker is referring to it as a joke… you’ll see after you read the article.

  5. battleofthegiants said

    He has a book of interviews with Z? Or do you mean his ‘guide’ to Zizek? (send a link…)


  6. The Universal Singular said

    Yes, yes! I meant his ‘guide’. (Note to self… don’t respond to anything before 7am).

  7. The Universal Singular said

    Read the comments at the bottom:

  8. battleofthegiants said

    One of the commenters also references this piece by Critchley:

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