Two New Books this Fall/Winter

June 23, 2009

First as Tragedy, Then as Farce by Slavoj Zizek (October 2009)

Mythology, Madness and Laughter:  Subjectivity in German Idealism by Markus Gabriel and Slavoj Zizek (December 2009)


4 Responses to “Two New Books this Fall/Winter”

  1. battleofthegiants said

    When will I learn to not enjoy (i.e. not feel guilt about not) reading everything produced by Zizek?

  2. The Universal Singular said

    Don’t look now, but there’s also a new article in the New Left Review… but fear not, it’s mostly stuff from the end of IDLC, with some extra stuff on Lenin. Basically, ‘what is to be done?’ and ‘let’s think about Communism again.’

  3. The Universal Singular said

    You have to choose between (Zizek’s) knowledge and being (Zizek)… if you choose knowledge, then you lose being; if you choose being, then knowledge is relegated to the Unconscious, and comes out as an hysterical symptom of constantly writing everything you can and torturing the students who follow your every word!

  4. battleofthegiants said

    I read that one – it’s a response to Badiou’s “The Communist Hypothesis”. Z knocks him for being Kantian…

    One the web page Zizek’s peice is called “class and commons”, but the paper is actually called “how to begin from the beginning”… (I feel like I’m watching star wars and just saw one of the storm troopers in the background pat his cod-piece…)

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