Historical Materialism – Time for a conference ?

August 24, 2009

This may not be to people’s tastes, but what about putting together a panel for the upcoming Historical Materialism conference in NYC on Zizek, Marx and Method?

I told you so

The conference is more or less about the resurgence of interest in Marx, so I think a panel on Zizek would be pertinent.

It would also give some focus to the next few rounds of readings…

Marx 100-Mark-1971

P.s. What would Marx have thought of having his face on money??


4 Responses to “Historical Materialism – Time for a conference ?”

  1. veiledphallus said

    I’d like to be involved in this if possible… Also, I agree that future readings should be geared towards preparing ourselves for the possible panel.

  2. battleofthegiants said

    As long as we can get at least one more person (but hopefully more) I think we could make a solid panel.

    I have a small list of readings on Marx’s method at home, but for now I offer this tentative list:

    1) preface to The Phenomenology of Spirit
    2) Introduction to the Grundrisse
    3) The (I think it’s the 3rd…) Preface to the German edition of Capital 1
    4) Allen Wood’s Karl Marx (Arguments of the Philosophers)
    5) Re-read the first section of The Ethics of Psychoanalysis
    6) Freud’s On Metapsychology (I.e. papers from the 11th volume of the collected works)

  3. battleofthegiants said

    Alternatively, I could write on Zizek, Marx and Method, and other people could write on other aspects of Zizek’s work in relation to Marx…

  4. The Universal Singular said

    Sounds like fun, but I’m conferenced out at the moment (six this year). There’s going to be an HM conference in Toronto this coming spring. Rumour has it that Terry Eagleton will be there.

    When’s the next meeting?? I’m rearing to go!

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