Do you believe this?

November 17, 2009

I saw this in an ad on a subway train this morning:

God Loves You. He made you for the pleasure of loving you and knowing you. Do you believe this?

This is clearly an hysteric’s view on God: God is out there trying to enjoy me, and I resist.

I’m not sure what to do about the question at the end. Somewhere Zizek writes that every question is an accusation, at which we feel quilt no matter how not-guilty we may be. I think he means this is the sense that the person to whom it is posed is supposed to know the answer (I don’t know where he says this, however). Perhaps the last sentence here is just such an accusation: you already knew this, didn’t you!?


One Response to “Do you believe this?”

  1. The Thing said

    Loving and knowing conspire linguistically here to produce a strange Schreberian eroticism.

    I am suspicious that this is a misuse of belief. I expect the author meant (paranoid psychotic) knowledge instead. That way you’re right whether you answer yes (religious pseudo-fundamentalism) or no (liberal-tolerant pseudo-materialism), and the possibility of belief proper in a (purely fictional, but nonetheless efficient) truly emancipatory community is safely elided.

    Return question to sender:
    God is dead, but you can ressurrect the Holy Spirit with your love. Do you dare to believe this despite the fact that you know it isn’t true?

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