… the meaning of the development of civilization is no longer obscure to us. This development must show us the struggle between Eros and death, between the life drive and the drive for destruction, as it played out in the human race. This struggle is the essential content of all life; hence, the development of civilization may be described simply as humanity’s struggle for existence. And this battle of the giants is what our nurse-maids seek to mitigate with their lullaby about heaven.

– Freud, Civ and Dis, 74-5

It is often a thin, almost imperceptible line which separates these two modalities of the death drive…. …our ultimate choice is directly the one between the two death drives.

– Zizek, The Ticklish Subject, 390

Battle of the Giants is the blog of a reading group held in Toronto, and is used as a forum to discuss theory, politics, and psychoanalysis. It was founded in March, 2008.

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