VP has inspired me with his recent summary-style posts of our current reading, so I got a little busy today.



Here are some thoughts on our reading for this week, ‘The Problem of Sublimation’ in Seminar VII, focused on the first two chapters of that section.


(The following is a summary of my reading of a short chapter in Zupancic’s book on Nietzsche).



What is the ‘problem of sublimation?’ It is ‘as a problem of ethics that we have to judge sublimation; it creates socially recognized values.’ (107) Sublimation is a creation ex nihilo & not an act of adhering to already existing social values. So the Freudian idea that the satisfaction of the drives must find some surrogate in an already socially acceptable manner must be resisted. Sublimation has to do with creating new values. That is why it has to do with ethics.


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